Armoured Assault Tank (AAT)

Armoured Assault Tank (AAT)

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The Armored Assault Tank, also known as the AAT battle tank or the AAT-1 Hover Tank, was a tank vehicle used by the Trade Federation. The tank was designed for the Federation's Invasion of Naboo, and the AAT was later donated to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, where it served as one of its backbone infantry defenses and backbone vehicles during the Clone Wars. Many of the AATs used by the Confederacy were painted in Confederate colors, such as blue, however there were still tanks used by the CIS in the previous tan used by the Trade Federation. The tanks were also donated to Death Watch during their alliance with the Confederacy.

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Designer: Gubi0222 (inspired by Mr Idler on Flickr)

Instagram: @gubi_builds


Parts for the Trade Federation AAT: 689


Parts for the Clone Wars AAT: 683


Parts for the Battlefront 2 AAT: 695



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